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Photo of The Day 575

Alaskan Brown Bear
Photograph by Chris Gray
These wild Alaskan brown bears are a thing of beauty. But keeping them at a safe distance is paramount.

Photo of The Day 574

Steller's Sea-Eagle
Photograph by Brian Skerry
The keen eyes of a Steller's sea-eagle seek the flash of herring between ice floes off the Shiretoko Peninsula.

Photo of The Day 573

German Shorthaired Pointer
Photograph by Chris McKay
A 17-week-old German shorthaired pointer puppy plays in the long dry grass at sunset. Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, New Zealand, Christmas 2010.

Photo of The Day 572

Red Squirrel, Poland
Photograph by Dorota Walczk
Red squirrel in the snow. Winter 2010 in Poland was long and really severe.

Photo of The Day 571

Green Anemone, Vancouver Island
Photograph by Jens Troeger
Diving Browning Passage at the northern end of Vancouver Island, Bristish Columbia, is one of the most spectacular experiences in the Pacific Northwest. The sheer diversity and abundance of life is astonishing. At the end of one dive, ascending into rough and choppy surface conditions, I took this lucky shot of a freen anemone as a wave washed over it.

Photo of The Day 570

Honeybee, Kauai
Photograph by Mark W. Moffett
The perfume of the rare caper flower on Kauai tempts a hungry honeybee at dusk. Apis mellifera on Capparis sandwichiana, Hawaii.

Photo of The Day 569

Fox, Washington
Photograph by Alexander Glass
Young fox seen near the path up to Paradise at Mount Rainier in Washington.